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Club Chair Creams and Waxes

Waxes and creams for the maintenance of the leather of sheepskin

Sheep leather (sheepskin) should be fed regularly. MyFamilyClub offers creams for the maintenance of your Club armchair, Club sofa or Chesterfield sofa.

Whether to nourish or revive the color, wax is the essential product for your leather chair to keep its shine as in the early days.

Our recommendations for use

The colorless cream:

to feed the sheepskin: to pass regularly, about 1 to 2 times a month according to the use, on the parts in contact with the body: armrests, cushions of seat and file

The color wax:

to find and enhance the original color: to spend 1 to 2 times in the year after use, on your chair or sofa

To know

By following our care instructions you will keep your Club armchair or Chesterfield leather chair in their original condition

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